Architekten zwischen Konzept und Strategie

Architekten zwischen Konzept und Strategie




von: Eduard Sancho Pou

DETAIL, 2013

ISBN: 9783955531850

Sprache: Deutsch

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Architekten zwischen Konzept und Strategie

In past years, architects have been confronted with a changed market, changed sets of tasks and also new requirements. Which strategies can they adopt to get commissions or spark interest in their projects? With selected examples, the author analyses the processes of individual architects since the 1950s. Beginning with the commencement of marketing in the North American post-war era he proceeds to then cast his view to contemporary times.

Transformations in society and politics, the changed requirements of clients, and also the crisis in the economy and financial circles all influence the professional existence of architects. While pure construction itself was the focus in previous times, today's architects must adopt a wide variety of roles in relation to clients – ranging from consultant to mediator and brand designer. The book is intended to inspire architects to consider new options and unusual paths.




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