Integrationsmanagement - Onboarding neuer Mitarbeiter

Integrationsmanagement - Onboarding neuer Mitarbeiter




von: Daniela Lohaus, Wolfgang Habermann

Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2016

ISBN: 9783647403779

Sprache: Deutsch

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Integrationsmanagement - Onboarding neuer Mitarbeiter

Because of the ongoing 'war for talents' and in a time where good and qualified personnel is becoming rare, the theme of integrating new employees in a company is gaining in importance. Early attachment, the efficient application of productive employees and the extensive use of innovative potential are needed to ensure that companies remain competitive. The systematic integration of new employees begins even before any contracts are signed because of the high costs of recruiting new workers. This leads to the optimization of resource input and productivity, while providing the company with long-term financial advantages.The authors Daniela Lohaus and Wolfgang Habermann assist the responsible persons in human resources departments to discover arguments they can present to management for setting up explicit integration programs. Readers get both theoretical and applied suggestions for designing such measures. In particular, this volume touches on the integration of specific groups such as foreigners or the handicapped. It includes a wealth of figures and tables to illustrate the ideas. This book closes a gap in the literature for human resources management.

Dr. Daniela Lohaus ist Professorin für Wirtschaftspsychologie an der Hochschule Darmstadt. Durch Tätigkeit in internationalen Beratungsunternehmen und als selbständiger Consultant verfügt sie über eine ausgewiesene Expertise im Human Resources Management. Sie ist zertifizierte systemische Beraterin und Mitglied der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie und der Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftspsychologie. Sie ist Gesellschafterin und Consultant der H & L Karriereberatungsgesellschaft.




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